Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme, S63 (SEEP)

Since 1 September 2016 owners of large (more than 1,000m2 ) non-domestic properties in Scotland are now required to assess their property and produce an action plan regarding the energy efficiency of the property for sale or letting. The owner must then either improve the building within a specified period or report annually on its actual energy use, until such time as the improvements are complete.

The action plan has to be undertaken by an Approved Assessor and will outline improvement targets, timelines and details of planned improvement works. Owners must commission, agree and lodge an Action Plan prior to marketing the property but are not required to complete improvement works prior to the sale or lease of the building.

It is important to note that improvement measures will only be required where the energy savings over seven years would exceed the initial cost of the works.

Owners may then decide whether to:

1. Carry out improvements within three and a half years; Or,

2. Defer improvement by reporting the annual operational energy use of the property via production of a DEC.

The legislation then sets out a list of prescribed and quite specific improvements which must be done to comply with the 2002 Building Regulations.

This includes:

1. Installation of draught stripping to doors and windows
2. Lighting control upgrades
3. Heating control upgrades
4. Installation of an insulation jacket to a hot water tank
5. Low energy light upgrades
6. Insulation of accessible roof spaces
7. Replacement of a boiler, if more than 15 years old.

The following properties are exempt from the S63 (SEEP) requirements:

• Units or buildings of 1,000m2 or less
• Those which meet the energy standard set by 2002 or later Building Regulations
• A single short term lease of less than 16 weeks within a 12 month period
• Those which have already been improved by a UK Government Green Deal
• Renewal of an existing lease.

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