Hammerson Retail Parks Biodiversity Initiative

Onsite security and cleaning teams at Cyfarthfa, Imperial, Orchard, Parc Tawe and St Oswalds retail parks were given a task to design and build a ‘bug hotel’ in their retail park grounds to provide a safe and sheltered habitat for bugs, with the aim of increasing the biodiversity in the area.

The task was promoted as a competition and all teams entered into the spirit, using their practical skills to create a structure made completely from natural or waste materials either donated by tenants or using anything hanging around the service yard. Materials included old pallets, bricks, wood and hay. No cost was incurred during their construction.

Steve Murray, Regional Centre Manager offered the teams some helpful advice during the competition:

“Remember though, you need to look at this from a bug point of view
and not necessarily the one which is most aesthetically pleasing”.


  • The hotels provide a safe and sheltered habitat for bugs, increasing the biodiversity in the area.
  • All materials used would otherwise be collected for waste.
  • Local children have the opportunity to learn about the importance of bugs in the environment.
  • The activity was a good team building exercise for onsite staff to all work together.
  • All hotels were completely free to build.

Bug Hotel Entries

Competition Winner

Imperial Bug Towers at Imperial Retail Park, Bristol






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