EPC Rating Uplift

In 2009, 1.7m kWh of electricity was being used annually in the centre and car park combined. A 5 year plan was put in place to reduce this by 10% year on year by optimizing operational tasks and introducing efficient equipment. By 2014 we had reduced annual electricity consumption to 1.3m kWh annually but we challenged our team to reduce this further in order to save costs and comply with CSR targets.


To reduce cost to service charge, comply with legislation, and refurbish/replace ‘end of life’ plant and equipment, or components, with energy efficient alternatives.

Action and Solution

Operational: Basic management tasks such as reading meters, checking reports and turning off equipment manually or installing time clocks.
Strategic: PPM asset refurb/replacements – all jobs tendered with ‘energy efficiency and innovation’ treated as a key objective in the tender specification.

Between 2011 and 2014:

  • Replacement of AHU’s – 14 old style AHU’s replaced with 6 efficient, low energy units.
  • BMS upgrade – additional controls for temperature and time clocks on all plant/equipment.
  • Refurbishment of escalators – energy efficient system introduced as part of works.

During 2015:

  • Phased replacement of lights with LED’s (60% of lights have been replaced).
  • Christmas decorations– timers introduced on all sockets.
  • Centre hours – The centre is now shut from 8pm-6am with no staff on site. No lighting requirement other than external signage (on timer) and service road reduced lighting (for deliveries).
  • Toilet upgrade: low energy hand-dryers installed.
  • Lift refurbishment – energy efficient system introduced as part of works on all 4 lifts.


Most projects are ‘spend to save’ so the biggest challenge was budgeting the initial outlay into the service charge. This was overcome by producing business cases which highlighted the payback term. The lighting upgrade had a payback of 18 months.


Electricity consumption was 1.2m kWh in 2015, a saving of 100,000 kwh (8%) v 2014 and the saving to the service charge was £10k year on year. A 30% reduction in consumption has been achieved since 2009 meaning that electricity costs are now £50k less per year than in 2009. PV panels are currently being considered by Ellandi for this property.

This graph shows electricity consumption from 2009 to 2015.

Howgate Energy Graph 2009 - 2015

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